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The Dream Write E-Book package includes: formatting your manuscript to online specs, basic cover design, ISBN, and project management (online promotion, sales monitoring, royalty payments and summary reporting). Other things to keep in mind:

  • Your manuscript must be edited or use our editing service before going into the E-Book process
  • Your basic cover design includes photo (supplied) or geometric block color with choice of font and layout
  • Additional charges are charged for editing, cover artwork, illustrations, complex tables, etc.
  • Limit photos and artwork within the manuscript for best results (file size upload is limited)
  • Your E-Book layout, with the exception of the front cover, will not look like your print book
  • Ensure your manuscript is in a Word Document 

There are many authors out there who have taken on the many stages of E-Book publishing. There are many who don't, won't, or cannot... Dream Write can help you by formatting your manuscript as required for upload to the online platform Smashwords. All Dream Write E-Books have been accepted to the Smashwords Premium Catalog which means they can be picked up by retailers, therefore, expanding the potential for sales through Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Amazon. They can also be picked up by several library services and other book buying entities. There is no guarantee to the success of your book, in print or online, but we endeavor to promote through our social media channels, in our catalog, and on our web site author pages along with our other books.

Price: $395.00