Ghost Writing - Business Articles


Do you know what you want to say but lack the time or wherewithall to put it to paper?

Have you got a stack of notes and pages of reference material from years of experience ... sitting, waiting, wanting - to become something more?

If you require someone to write those notes, references, or ideas into an article or paper for your business - then consider the Ghost Writing services provided by Dream Write Publishing. The end product benefits are yours, because your name is on it, when it's complete.

Some conditions apply:

  • Minimum charge of $100 to order this service through the shopping cart which will be applied to the administration of the project
  • Upon purchase of this service, the company will contact the client to arrange an appointment to discuss the terms of the project
  • Charges are determined thereafter at 1.00 per word and the client can request a maximum number of words under the service agreement
  • Upon agreement to purchase the service, the client agrees to pay 1/2 of the estimated word count fees to the company eg. if you estimate you want a paper or article of 5,000 words = 5000 x 1.00 = $5000.00 /2 = $2500.00 deposit + GST; the balance is due upon delivery of the work
  • The process will include approval reviews at intervals determined during the initial project discussion
  • A guarantee must accompany the service agreement regarding ownership of the material submitted
  • Please allow sufficient time for implementation of large projects
  • The Dream Write Publishing company name or logo will not appear on any portion of the material
Price: $100.00