This Is Me

This Is Me - My Life ~ My Memories
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The names are REAL; the places are REAL; just like the REAL life I lived. I am telling my story exactly how I remember it. This is a true story right from beginning to end. 

Within the covers of this book, I try really hard to explain my life and family’s trials and blessings. While writing my life story, it seems like I am looking through a different set of eyes. Back then, I lived my everyday life. Today, as I write, I live that life over again. You would not believe the lessons I’ve been taught along the way. WOW! It’s so amazing. 

Looking back, I am so glad I lived that life. I would not change it for anything. It has been a remarkable experience for me to sort out my past, to relive the high points, the valleys, the laughs, and the sorrows – all of which have woven themselves into quite a few years of eventful living...

This is me.
This Is Me - My Life ~ My Memories by Olga Hryb Lalonde
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