The Stolen Maps

The Stolen Maps by Trevor Tucker
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The prevailing and enduring oaths of secrecy surrounding all maps, charts, logbooks, and journals associated with any journey made by any Portuguese citizen (whether either military, or private in nature) beyond the Cape of Good Hope, was strictly policed by a Government authority known as The Casa da India e Mina, located in Lisbon. Those oaths of secrecy had to be sworn before sailing. To either disobey that law, or not hand in all required documents upon return to Portugal, guaranteed the death penalty.
Priceless maps having their origins in the 1520s—which included Australia for the first time—certainly made it into the vaults of The Casa da India… but somehow those maps went missing.
The Stolen Maps is a tantalising, thought provoking account of leadership, adventure, discovery, greed, deception and destiny. It is also a tribute—inspired by the bravery of those who met the challenge of the world’s uncharted oceans.
Learn how fate ensured Australia did not become a Portuguese speaking nation. You may also be intrigued by well-intentioned indigenous interaction.
This novel is from the imagination of the author, though the reader may feel thrust into accepting that the boundaries of probability and possibility have not necessarily been stretched beyond belief.
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