Pensively Pondering Paths ~ Seeking the Light of Wisdom

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Bittersweet release of this wonderfully creative book that looks at the interrelational aspects of philosophy and the arts. Dr. Gwen E. Miller-MacKinnon passed away on May 18th, 2015. Thank you to her family for releasing the book in honor of her memory and hard work. She will be missed.  


Pensively Pondering Paths...

It is through images, symbols and metaphors in poetic form, song, and other arts, that the author creates more expanded views than are generally offered in response to the key, meaningful questions about life, which we all at some point ask.

These alternate forms of “wondering why wisely” bring an imaginative, and aesthetic balance to the usual logically linear discussions in these scholarly areas.                              

In this book, the format contextualizes the author’s poems and art forms in light of some of these key questions and issues, showing the differences and similarities of responses in a contemporary manner that appeals to a wide spectrum of readers. The work described is a long path... Seeking the Light of Wisdom.

Pensively Pondering Paths... Seeking the Light of Wisdom by Gwen Miller-MacKinnon                Angels in heaven were once our friends on earth.            In Memory: Dr. Gwen E. Miller-MacKinnon, Phd

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