An Italian Son

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Marco’s life was happy - he dated Tara and worked with his father in the family shipping business. It was a small, happy family. Then they signed a lucrative contract that brought not only more business, but a large Italian family secret to a quiet life... Things began to change for Marco. That’s when he met Elina.


The cobblestone streets of Sanremo radiated from the centre plaza and stretched beyond the green hillsides into the endless sea of colors—flowers, vineyards, and the deep blue-green water. Far off to the western horizon, where the Ligurian Sea ran into the Mediterranean, the sky and the water became one with only a faint wisp of a line separating them.

The Polizia di Stato motioned for them to stay away. The police emerged from the front entrance of the Rosaria Villa—they were bringing someone out with them. A young man in handcuffs looked up without expression as he was led to a waiting police car. They drove off.

The ambulance attendants followed soon after with a black, zipped up body bag strapped to the stretcher, which they promptly loaded into the back of the waiting vehicle.

Tara stifled a scream—tears streamed down her face. It was too much to hope that this would have been the vacation she dreamed of with Marco...

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