An Elizabethan Affair

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"Against the rich tapestry of the Shakespearian era and the dawn of William Shakespeare’s illustrious career, An Elizabethan Affair is historical fiction at its best. Whether or not you’re familiar with this time in history, you will soon be drawn into the intrigue of Linda Pedley’s exciting novel. The all-consuming love between Elizabeth and William ignites their passion, taking the reader along with them through ethical dilemmas, triumphs, tragedies and wild excitement across the layers of time. You will not be able to put this book down".

~ Barbie-Jo Smith, Author

A Coungry Gal in the City, Things Were Going Fine Till We Hit the Rapids, Echoes of a Country Heart. Coming Next Year: Another Piece of Pie Please, Everything Let Loose at Once

Tmes of Adventure.
Times of great Expectations.
The Elizabethan Era produced the likes of Marlow, Spenser, and the up and coming, William Shakespeare... all masters who flooded literary history with some of the greatest words ever written...
Did they know their words would hold truth in times to come? Did they ever question their worth or wonder their future influence?
A desperate quest for her own immortality drives Emilia to journey to the future in order to secure her own destiny. In doing so, she finds answers she does not expect...
Elizabeth is a modern woman in the wrong era - she lives and breathes literature and devotes her life to
preserving the literary masters’ work. A chance meeting and befriending with Mila, a young woman wise beyond her years, gives Elizabeth the opportunity of a lifetime.
When desperate desires tempt modern passions there is no stopping an Elizabethan affair...
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