Do You Want To Be Magic?

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Little Bobby Willet cried and screamed. He shook the bars of his cage. He felt trapped. The walls of the cage were closing in on him. He desperately wanted to be back home with his family.

"Let me out!" he pleaded. "Please, let me out. I want to go home."

The Giant was not moved by Bobby’s pleas. "No more noise!" he roared. His deep thunderous voice boomed and rumbled throughout the cages. He stomped out of the dungeon and slammed the heavy metal door.

Bobby was physically and mentally exhausted. His hands slowly slid down the cold steel bars. He collapsed on the dank, musty floor. The dampness chilled him to the bone. He gagged when he breathed in the foul-smelling air. Weeping and trying to make sense of what was happening, he looked out of his cage. As his tear-filled eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom, he realized he was not alone. His cage was but one of many cages in a huge chamber and from what he could see each cage held a small child.

As far back as he could remember all he ever wished for was to be magic. He wanted to look through walls, fly like a bird, and perform all types of magical tricks, just like his Uncle Eric. He had come so close to realizing his dream, but he made a terrible mistake at the last moment. And as a result, it now appeared, he would be spending the rest of his life as a prisoner in the Giant’s Castle. At that moment, his only wish was to be with his family and friends.

"No-no, this can’t really be happening to me," he sobbed. "A dream! It has to be dream! Wake up! Wake up!" he cried repeatedly.

As hard as he tried, Bobby could not wake up.

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