A Country Gal in the City

A Country Gal in the City by Barbie-Jo Smith
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A Country Gal in the City by Barbie-Jo SmithA Country Gal in the City is a compilation of short stories and poems, all based on real life experiences. Barbie-Jo has lived in many places across the Canadian Prairies, but possesses deep ancestral roots in the Maritimes. The title refers to her love of the many rural places where she's lived, but also her loving connection to big cities, where she also made her home. 

As she writes on her book cover, the dichotomy between country and city illustrates the contrasts in her life; indeed, all of our lives. It is about these contrasts she writes with great sensitivity and witty humor. Whether she is wearing high heel shoes or manure caked boots, she invites you, the reader, to come along with her on a wonderful reading journey.





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