Business For Newbies

Business for Newbies by Lynn Webb
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How to not screw up stuff in the first 3 years of business.

For aspiring or new business owners looking to get good information quickly. If you are beginning this book, you are either in business, or about to start one. Fantastic news! According to Industry Canada, there are 1.14 million businesses in Canada, and you are now one of them!
Being in business is exciting and has a lot of advantages. Just by operating as a business, you have different obligations than you would if you were an employee. You have different tax obligations and different liabilities. You require a different way of thinking. Every dollar you make, you have to think about how much money you get to keep.
Everything is just… well… different.

This book is written to be easy and simple for small business owner to understand. It is meant to enable the new business owner to cut through all the paperwork and use this documentation as a resource to get top-level information fast. It is not a comprehensive book that gives you every answer. This is a book that will give you some quick and simple information and a good starting place so you don’t screw stuff up in the first 3 very delicate years of being in business.

Lynn Webb - author and instructor

With thirty years of business experience, most of that focused in senior management or supervisory positions, Lynn has taken the next step in business – mentoring and training up-and-coming business owners. An ability to get clients to understand difficult concepts transforms well into the classroom setting as she takes up the head of the classroom to train new entrepreneurs about business. She is known for her creative thinking and, most notably, the ability to apply skills, knowledge, and thought to creating powerful and dynamic solutions for any business. This is especially evident in her own company.
On-Core Business Services, founded by Lynn in 2007, caters to small business clients by offering exceptional business service solutions with the goal of teaching and educating business owners about their bookkeeping. Lynn’s background with large corporate entities provides expertise in large markets, but her focused drive for small company support systems pushed On-Core to its current success. Lynn’s skills with accounting and taxation knowledge, workshop presentation, advanced computer and internet applications, and project management and implementation transform into a formidable background of experience for advice and support. With the success and expansion of On-Core Business Services, Lynn has recently been able to step away from most of the administrative tasks of the company to apply her skills to teaching and formally training new business leaders.
Prior to owning her own business, Lynn worked in the transportation industry as Operations Manager for a world leader in freight forwarding and warehousing. Her resume shows she has a comprehensive knowledge of proven business applications, but, more importantly, Lynn is able to take acquired experience and translate it into running her own successful business.
She holds a Business Administration Diploma and is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB), a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and a registered member with Canadian Payroll Association. She continues to keep her own education current, while encouraging her staff to do the same as part of their employment process. Extensive experience with financial statements, business systems and procedures, technology and software, change management, and a dedication to continuing education, gives Lynn an impressive and well-rounded resume.
Lynn started and grew a successful bookkeeping service while single-handedly raising two beautiful daughters through to adulthood. She freely admits that her personal capacity to learn everything she wants to know is not as great as how much there is to learn. In 2017, a Canadian-content reference guide – BUSINESS FOR NEWBIES - How to not screw up stuff in the first 3 years of business – was released to help business owners see more profitability through training and knowledge. It is Lynn’s first published book. 

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