Are You There, Old Man?

Are You There, Old Man? by George Campbell (RU TH OM)
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"Telegraph, when I joined it in 1941, was a technology that was simple, efficient, easily maintained, and fully capable of meeting its responsibilities; therefore, highly respected by the public it served. It was a world-wide service that did exactly what it said it would do, and was cheap enough most people could afford to use it."

As the author writes this in 2015, he is 88 years old, and it has been over fifty years since he left the service, but his memories are as clear as if he punched out the night before. In this book, Campbell picks up the telegraph theme of his first book, Good Night Old Man, and adds new material he says he neglected to include. Sometimes, he will quote portions of GNOM when necessary. For your enjoyment and possible enlightenment, George Campbell tells us some more things about the telegraph. 


Telegraph lines

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