Ants Invade the Classroom - Teacher's Guide

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Teachers, parents, children, and community must open the door to discussions about bullying and have advocates to aid victims and parents, as well as, bullies and parents. Developing positive social skills, confidence, accountability, and protecting children from hostility, is the responsibility of all social institutions.
Working together we can take a stand against bullying.
Sample questions for: ANTS INVADE THE CLASSROOM 

Ten year old Jordon is a bully and a victim, but with the help of his ant investigation and imagination, both his father and Jordon come to realize his gift and acceptance of each other. 


What do we learn about Jordon?

What words tell us about his personality?

How does Jordon’s father treat him?

Who says, “Stop that! It hurts,” and why?

How does Jordon treat Jimmy?

Why do you think Jordon treats Jimmy the way he does?


The guide includes questions for each of the chapters to use in the classroom discussions about the book. Other activity suggestions are also included. Teachers - get the guide for no charge when you order books (10+) for your classroom - use the contact us form to send your inquiry to the publisher.
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