Ants Invade the Classroom

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Ten year old Jordon is a bully, but with the help of his ant investigation and imagination, both he and his father come to realize his gift and acceptance of one another.
Teachers, parents, children, and community must open the door to discussions about bullying and have advocates to aid victims and parents, as well as, bullies and parents. Developing positive social skills, confidence, accountability, and protecting children from hostility, is the responsibility of all social institutions.
Working together we can take a stand against bullying. 
Teacher's Guide - Ants Invade the ClassroomTeachers - make sure you check out the Teacher's Guide for using Ants Invade the Classroom as a learning tool for classrooms - a good way to discuss the ramifications of bullying and set a course for understanding at your classroom level. Buy the book for your class (10+ books) and receive the Teacher's Guide for no charge. Email us to inquire into bulk purchases and this valuable deal. 
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