ALS - A Love Story

ALS - A Love Story by Carrie Hesse
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Carrie celebrates her life in this bittersweet memoir. With the help of her friend, Susan, the author puts her story to page after being diagnosed with a life-altering disease. Her positivity and strength, despite the debilitating effects of ALS, will uplift and inspire you. She writes about her memories to leave as a legacy for her children and as a tribute to her husband, family, and friends.


About the author:

Originally, one of the reasons I chose to put my life on paper was as a gift for my husband, my children, and my extended family and friends. But, I found out quickly, that it also acted as a powerful therapy for me that helped me reflect and realize just how amazing my life has been. It may sound like the negative comments I made were aimed at God, but I know now, without a doubt, that without God I would not have been granted this beautiful, perfect life. The biggest reason I chose to write this was to let my kids know what kind of person their mom was through her own eyes and to let them know how she truly felt through her own words and stories-not from other people-but from my heart to their eyes and into their hearts. They are going to hear stories and anecdotes from other people, but they will not be able to hear them with as much feeling. Coming from my mouth, they will know these are MY words, MY stories, MY feelings, MY love, MY life.

~ Carrie Hesse ~ June 24, 1970 - August 9, 2013

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