Illustrations - Color - Full page (8.5 x 8.5)

SKU: ILLUS 002 - Color - Full Page (8.5 X 8.5)

If you are an author looking for an artist to do renderings for your written work we can tailor our program to match your project. We will work with an author to get the images just right, matching our efforts to the vision you have for your book or other work. (Note: sometimes a publisher will have their own artist, so ensure you have checked out individual company policies before commissioning a private artist to do the work for you.) Dream Write Publishing contracts with several qualified artists to work with you, but we will also consider taking your own work if you are the artist. If you decide you would like to have illustrations for your book - non-fiction, fiction, poetry, business - consider Dream Write Publishing for the job.

Our color illustration service includes:

  • Author consulation to determine the best match for your work
  • Discussion regarding look, layout and type of illustration required
  • Hand drawn pencil sketches, with black ink outline when suitable
  • Color = color pencil, watercolor washes, full color computer design images   
  • The number of illustrations required to fill the vision of your book - one to a hundred...
  • Hard copy will be rendered a maximum size of 9" x 12" on appropriate art paper
  • Images are then scanned to computer and saved as a jpeg file
  • Dream Write Publishing owns the rights to the artwork under an artist`s agreement and grants to the author  exclusive use within the written work
  • All publications will be accompanied with a by line for the artist
  • Dream Write Publishing owns the rights to the artwork under an artist`s agreement and grants to the artist the right to show the work for sample only in portfolio or resume
  • All presentations must be accompanied by the accreditation for the author and Dream Write Publishing


Note: this catalogue in under development and pricing here shows minimum charge. We consider your requirements on a project to project basis for best fit.

Price: $175.00