A Journey of Truth - Book II

A Journey of Truth - Book II by Linda J. Pedley
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Follow the continuing journey of Aaslan and his sister, Aisha, as they return to home life in the village of Bursa with their mother and father, and new friends. Will the aftermath of their Istanbul adventures have unforeseen consequences as they try to resume what was, all the while dreaming of what could have been? Is it possible to return to that normal life? Is it possible to let go of the fear?


While the men go off on another journey, this time to restore the supplies and hunt for winter food, Aisha and her mother and friend, Saharra, stay home to tend to the farm. An early winter storm sets the pace for "things to go wrong" for the women. Meanwhile, the men encounter unexpected travelers at their destination. When the identity of the travelers is discovered, it is a trek of survival to return home. Will the men arrive back at the quiet farm community of Bursa on time?

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