A Journey of Brothers - Book I

A Journey of Brothers - Book 1 by Linda J. Pedley
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lion -Book I - A Journey of Brothers
Why should a traveler’s tale keep Aisha from the market?
Comfortable in the care of a befriended captor, Aisha awaits her fate as she waits for her brother’s rescue. Kidnapped by the Road Rogues, and destined for the slave market, the girl is saved by the gallant and handsome, Prince Haidar. He rewards her with hospitality and promises safety within the palace - yet harbors a hidden desire.
News of travelers making their way to the city of Istanbul warn the prince of his adversary’s approach. Can he extend the promise of safe passage to Aisha’s brother, after all - he will be taking away the one person who matters most to him.
Journey with the brothers as they discover truths and destinies.
Watch for upcoming:
Book II - A Journey of Truth
Book III - A Journey of Desire
Due for release Summer 2015

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