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Does your Writing Circle or Group need some inspiration or guidance?

These two books will give you great advice and a grand starting point for workshops.

This special offer bundles the two books at a package price of

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Get the Set - Writing Prompt Journey and From a Solitary Drop

You have just discovered the Writing Prompt Journey, a surprisingly unique tool available to writers of any age and at any stage of their literary development. This book offers 20 unique writing prompts, and additional challenges for each, to "pump up the prompt." Samples for each of the prompts are provided by 17 writers from the WFSC and 5 artists provide illustrated accompaniments to each of the prompts. Read them first or read them last... after you've had your turn - there is no right or wrong way to inspire your creativity.

More than a free fall writing experience, more than a writer's journal, more than a writing challenge... this book invites you to explore a world of introspection, inspiration, and intrigue. Great for the reader who loves to explore the differences between writers, too!

© 2010 WFSC – Canada $20.00 ISBN 978-0-9866981-0-1

From a Solitary Drop recounts the history of the Strathcona County Writers Circle from October 2001 - October 2011, as told by members of the group. The book includes not only the contributing authors' visions of how the circle affected their writing over the years but includes interactions with others around them who share/shared their writing journey. The book also provides some points to consider if you are thinking of starting a writer's group.   

© 2011 WFSC – Canada $12.95 ISBN 978-0-9866981-7-0

Give your writing journey the boost it needs. Over the years, members from our group have maintained their passion for words, encouraged each other to become published authors, and continue to support an award-winning community organization – you can, too!

Price: $28.00
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