What Marketing and Promotion is included in my Publishing Agreement?

Dream Write Publishing works with authors to promote their books locally through community and special events, through libraries and schools, and via personal and business contacts & social networks. Of course, "locally" refers to our immediate physical location of Strathcona County and the greater Edmonton area. Authors from outside our physical location, who sign with Dream Write Publishing, have the advantage of an added locale - their own community and it is expected that the author will promote their own book "locally," too. To reach a larger market, Dream Write Publishing uses various social media platforms including this web site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other online book and publisher listings. There are ways to limit the cost required to promote a book and using those inexpensive advertising outlets increases the amount of return an author will see from the sale of their book. Putting books in local stores is often perceived as the desired "success" because it is tangible to many people and there is the chance of increased physical sales. The downfall is, of course, the number of books out there and the cost for distribution using the brick-and-mortar selling points - all stores want their share of the sale. The industry norm for independent bookstores is 40% of the cover price. This "cost of sale" comes off the top before the split is made for payment of royalties. There are benefits to selling through a program that employs various means but it really depends what an author finds comfortable and their own definition of success. To some, just holding their book is THE ultimate reward. The rest, they say, is gravy.