What happens to my manuscript?

So, you have decided to have your manuscript published. Is it that easy? No.

Initally you submit your work to Dream Write Publishing for consideration. It follows this general process:

  • manuscript review and written assessment
  • offer to publish or advise options
  • negotiate terms of publishing agreement
  • an agreement is signed
  • enters editing process
  • author input for approval
  • book layout and cover design
  • author input for approval
  • goes to press
  • DWP proofreads and approves galley proof
  • goes to print
  • books received and distributed
  • electronic copies of your manuscript are stored on DWP back ups
  • print PDF copy of your manuscript negotiable
  • any CDs or USB files are returned to author

At no time does the author lose their copyright. All projects are reviewed on an individual basis for possible acquisition by Dream Write Publishing.