What fees do you charge?

Anyone writing a novel who expects to have it published will incur fees - reviews, edits and rewrites, illustrations, cover and book design, marketing and promotion, printing, etc... Authors are encouraged to research funding opportunities through cultural grants and awards.

Dream Write Publishing offers all services to writers, authors, businesses, and organizations who are looking to publish their words. General fees apply to everyone, like the manuscript review or publishing agreement fee, and others apply to whatever services you require for your work, such as editing, illustrations, etc. Each project is considered on its own merits and you are advised regarding any fees that apply to your project during the author consulation or in the written manuscript review. You can access services easily through this link: 


Keep in mind - if you don't require services you are not charged. An edited manuscript will be accepted for submission but is assessed during the manuscript review. Authors who are also illustrators can submit their drawings to be used with their written text. If you have a cover design, we can work with you.Talk to us - each project is considered individually.