How can I submit my work?

To submit your written work for consideration please use the following guidelines:

  • Required: Full manuscript in proper, readable format - either printed paper copy via mail or a word document via online submission or email (DropBox can be used for large files); or send file on USB stick.
  • Required: Manuscript Review fee, either via cheque for mailed submissions, or with PayPal payment if electronic. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay online.
  • Required: All contact information necessary for Dream Write Publishing to respond to the submission - include a SASE if you require confirmation that we received your submission, or a request for an email confirmation.
  • Required: An author bio and, upon signing a publishing agreement Dream Write Publishing, we will require a head shtot of the author for insertion on the Author's page, and for marketing and promotion.
  • Submission of your manuscript for reading and review does not guarantee acceptance of your work for publishing. Authors will be contacted with the results via the Manuscript Review. Please allow six to eight weeks for mail and email submissions. If you book an in-office author consultation, you will be advised within two to four weeks.
  • If your work is being considered we reserve the right to request further input from the author to make our decision.