Do you have a publishing contract?

Dream Write Publishing offers a publishing agreement to a writer who decides to utilize our services to bring their words to life. We will ensure that all areas of the agreement are explained and discussed so that both parties are "on the same page" and all components of the process are understood. You are under no obligation to sign with our company even if you have submitted work and the fee for consideration. Once we have an agreement, though, Dream Write Publishing always works with your best interests in mind. When the first run of your book is complete (and sold to within 10% of the initial stock), you are under no obligation to continue with our company - although, we will make it our goal you will want to! If a big publishing house makes you an offer, Dream Write Publishing will shake your hand, congratulate you, and be very pleased that we might have had some small part in your publishing success.

Our contract is not bogged down with legal jargon but contains standard agreement components to protect you and our company. Ask for a copy after your author consultation.