Karen Probert

Over the past twenty years, Karen Probert has had articles published in the newsletters of groups of which she is a member, as well as in the Canadian Alpine Journal.

Her interests have been as varied as family history, mountain exploration, antiques, and travel. She has poetry, book reviews or short stories published in the following magazines: Mountain Heritage, Living Our Losses, Creatures All, NoteBook, Good Times; in the compilations Patchwork and Write ON!, and in Writing Prompt Journey, The Road to Your Creativity. She was recently a contributing author to the book, From a Solitary Drop, The History of the Strathcona County Writers Circle (2001-2011).

Karen continues to write articles and poetry but loves best to write short stories about ordinary people’s lives and the way those lives are interesting and varied.

In the past five years, Karen has run writer’s workshops in Sherwood Park, Alberta where she lives. She is an active member, as Past President and Library Liaison, of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County of which she is a founding member. Between traveling to Ontario, Mexico, and parts of the United States, yearly, as well as living part-time in her much-loved Rocky Mountains in a Canmore, Alberta condo, she manages to stay in touch with family and many friends, while continuing to write.



"Karen has the unique ability to easily immerse her readers in a character or situation. Her stories speak to each of us in different ways - that is her skill. Everyday happenings become endearing, amusing, or thought provoking, as Karen manages to weave the story with superb descriptions, characterizations, and distinctive personality." Mandy Eve-Barnett, Author - Sherwood Park AB 

"Fragments of Lives is an appropriate title, as Karen writes her stories, inspired by real life situations, brilliantly exposing snippets from her characters' lives." Joe McKnight, Author/Artist - Gibbons AB