C. D. Maier

Carol Maier has always enjoyed writing stories, and is particularly fond of using rhyming text to do it. In her younger life, Carol taught elementary school in three provinces (Alberta, Ontario, and Arctic Quebec) and in later years, she taught ESL to adults from all over the world. Throughout those years, Carol was always interested and involved in various musical and dramatic adventures.

She and her husband, Dennis, live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and are thrilled to be near family, and especially, their first grandchild. Carol hopes her stories will ‘tickle the fancy’ of both adults and kids as they cuddle up to read them together.


Sherwood Park News interview: Friday January 11th, 2013 http://www.sherwoodparknews.com/2013/01/10/park-author-takes-inspiration-from-her-life-to-write-childrens-books                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Carol Maier’s four books are a sheer delight!"

Children, whether they read by themselves or are read to, will find fascinating adventure stories alongside meaningful life lessons in these beautifully illustrated books. Maier’s effective writing captures the attention with  action-packed adventures, rhyme, rap, humor, all designed for effective learning and retention. Her multi-layered stories leave the more mature child with possible interpretations the younger child will eventually grow into. In the meantime, parents, teachers, older siblings will enjoy these tools for discussion and learning.

The warm, fun-filled and meaningful stories by Maier and her illustrator, Matthew McClatchie, are hopefully just the beginning of their contribution to children’s education.

F. C. Gobeil-Dwyer, B.A.;  B.Ed.; M.Ed. (Counseling Psychology);  Ph.D.  (Family Studies - Educational Psychology)


In a world where every conceivable scary event is front-page news, Carol Maier's four children's books are a breath of fresh air. They send a message of love and strength in a totally engaging fashion.

Children face fears that they cannot articulate, and which we as adults can only guess at. My ethnographic research of children ("What's Happening": A Study of Children's Earliest Experiences in Junior Kindergarten -- Queen's University, 1989) demonstrated how scary new experiences can be for these children.

Maier's stories, particularly Boogeyman Blues and The Mooseman, are fittingly educational and entertaining for kindergarten and older children. The Complete Book of Jonah and The Ballad of Wee Thomas might, at first glance, seem "religious." However, the references to "God" and "Heaven" are in a context that goes beyond religion to encompass the broader concepts of love and strength. The illustrations of Mathew McClatchie are superb, beautifully embellishing the stories which will surely become favorites for the reader and listener alike.

I look forward to more books from this talented duo.

Kathleen M. AmundsBEd & MEd