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2015 Releases:

Dream Write Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the following books this fall:

Pensively Pondering Paths – Seeking the Light of Wisdom by Dr. Gwen E. Miller-MacKinnon PhD. (Sherwood Park) > Bittersweet release of this wonderfully creative book that looks at the inter-relational aspects of philosophy and the arts. Gwen passed away on May 18th 2015. Thank you to her family for releasing the book in honor of her memory and hard work. She will be missed. 

Silly Things Professional Women Do in Business – Michele Weselake (Edmonton) > The author uses humor to take a look a scenarios that catch professional women unawares. Although this is titled and applies to women in most of the chapters, some of the business themes can be applied across the gender board – that “what the hell was I thinking” moment can hit anyone! 

Wildlife Rehabilitation – Compassionate Stories of Care – compiled by Rhonda Skinner + various authors (Edmonton) > Canada is home to hundreds of species of wildlife and, across the country, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and volunteers are working hard to help wild birds and animals that are in distress. This book features stories of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release from 12 centres throughout AB and BC. The author is donating funds from book sales to these 12 centres.

Mentoring Women Leaders – compiled by Dorothy Briggs + various authors (Edmonton) > The Forward to this innovative and inspiring compilation is provided by an Edmonton "Woman of Vision" who is a true visionary and powerful role model, Lesley MacDonald. Thanks to another visionary entrepreneur, Dorothy Briggs, the mentors included in this amazing book have the opportunity to share their success stories with hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams and live their passion.

Fishing Lessons For Grandpa – children’s full color picture book by Tom Dirsa (Leduc) with illustrations by Matthew McClatchie (Sherwood Park) > The author shares tales of his grandson’s life growing up diagnosed with ADHD through simple adventures and heartwarming true stories. BJ has a great day on the fishing boat, Cee-Jay, but after reeling in a few fish of his own, he wonders why Grandpa hasn’t caught any fish. He decides Grandpa needs fishing lessons!

The Theater  - poetry play and photos by Guy Chambers, illustrations by Susan Chambers (Sherwood Park) > Life is a large theater stage. Everyone has a particular role to play. Some have been given lucky roles, while others have unfortunate roles. This is a story of Daniel - he has hopes and dreams of crawling out of the backstage to take a headliner role on the stage - is there a better life?

This Is Me – My Life, My Memories – a memoir by Olga Hryb Lalonde (Sherwood Park) > “The names are REAL; the places are REAL; just like the REAL life I lived.” The author shares her experiences through high points, valleys, laughs, and sorrows—all of which she claims to have woven themselves into quite a few years of eventful living. Olga relives her life as a tribute to her son, Perry.

Mischief Mischief - by Beth Rowe (Sherwood Park) Detective Moran is at a loss to explain the mysterious disappearance of a local student when he investigates the recovery of an antique statue. The boy’s friends all have a story—one of seeing an unexplained “shadow” and, the only thing they agree on, is that it appears to float and... they are afraid of it. 

I Am Edmonton – fiction based on the true beginnings of a dear young city by Malcolm Mills (Red Deer) > the author intertwines fact and fiction to bring to you a new perspective of growth and change – sharing the story from Edmonton's point of view… by our soul and our spirit, we are all Edmonton.  

Make Your Move – The Adventures of a Minor Mover – by Cowboy Billy Hill (Edmonton) > personal recount of the life of the author as he provides a much needed service in the heart of the city of Edmonton during an after-retirement business venture. 

Echoes of a Country Heart by Barbie-Jo Smith (Chestermere) > the author is a story teller who paints exquisite pictures with her words. In this beautiful book she leaves the reader wanting to step into her story poems and experience them first hand.

Things Were Going Fine… Till We Hit the Rapids by Barbie-Jo Smith (Chestermere) > a collection of poignant and hilarious short stories and embedded poems, based on real life experiences. The title has a double meaning - we can literally hit the rapids on a boat ride down a river and we can figuratively hit the rapids on our journey down the river of life. 

Fly on the Wall another suspense-filled adventure that takes us through time by J.E. McKnight (Gibbons) > Sean’s amazing invention could change the world, but limitations to what they can do with it leave them at a loss as to how they are able to right a wrong. Will they be able to use anything they find to convince anyone of the truth?

A Journey of Truth - Book II - by Linda J. Pedley (Sherwood Park) > The second YA adventure novella in the Journey series brings us to Aisha and Aaslan after returning home from their harrowing adventures in the jeweled city of Istanbul. Get Book I - A Journey of Brothers, and look for the soon-to-be released Book III - A Journey of Desires. 

To order any of the books listed above or in the DWP Books Catalog - please order online or send your inquiry to us using the Contact Us form

Upcoming Events:

Christmas in the Heartland - Sunday November 29th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Join us for storytelling during the Strathcona County event - Christmas in the Heartland. Members of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County will be reading popular stories for children and the young at heart at Bremner House (2.25 miles north of Hwy 16 on RR225). See you there! The Christmas treats are amazing and so are all the activities and displays. 
Bring Your Children to a Bookstore - Saturday December 5th - time TBA
DWP Authors will participate to share stories and fun with parents and children who visit the Sherwood Park Bookworm (62 Athabascan Avenue) on Saturday. Watch for more details including time and scheduled readings.
DWP Authors at Audrey's - Friday December 11th - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
A selection of authors who have released books this fall are reading from their new works and signing copies at the popular downtown Edmonton bookstore - Audrey's Books 10702 - Jasper Avenue Edmonton. Come on down and support DWP authors!

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